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Opportunities often arise from economic complexity, technological disruption, shifting demographics, regulatory change, and evolving customer needs. Working with management teams to respond to these opportunities requires extensive industry experience, expertise, and insight.

We look for investments in the financial services sector as well as structured, opportunistic investments in financial assets across the industry landscape – in every vertical, geography, stage of development, and form.


Industry Expertise

The financial services industry is comprised of number of complex subsectors.  We believe our decades of experience and deep industry expertise provide us with unique insights as we evaluate opportunities.  Our ability to understand and underwrite financial assets extend these insights beyond the financial services sector to structured, opportunistic investments across all sectors.

Investment Flexibility and Structuring

No two investment situations are the same. We believe in starting with a flexible framework and then matching the right capital structure with the right managerial competencies and needs to maximize the value of our investments to our investors and optimize the impact of our capital to our partner companies.

Proprietary Deal Flow

Our deep industry connectivity and relationships help us identify and internally generate unique and proprietary opportunities that we believe are in most cases superior to those available in more competitive situations.

Active Post-Investment Engagement

Capital is just one piece of the value proposition we offer our partners. We believe our investments are enhanced through close collaboration with the management teams of our portfolio companies.

Portfolio Risk Management

Risk management is a central element of our strategy. We believe we can optimize our returns by prioritizing the identification and pricing of risk, and then structuring investments that are idiosyncratic and less correlated in nature in order to construct a more resilient portfolio.

Regulatory Insight

Financial services is a highly regulated industry. We believe our deep understanding of the regulatory system through both private sector and policy experience enables us to see, evaluate, and manage important opportunities and risks and help our companies optimize operating and strategic decisions.

Leading Partnerships

Excellent partners bring excellent results. We believe our strategic relationships provide access to substantial analytical resources, market insights, and potential deal flow that we can use at every stage of the investment process.


We have the capacity, flexibility and expertise to invest in a wide array of opportunities across the sector, including:

Specialty Finance and Banks   |   Insurance   |   Asset and Wealth Management
Capital Markets   |   Real Estate Finance   |   Services and Technology

We invest in financial assets across all sectors.

Our investment process provides us with the capacity to deploy capital quickly and creatively at every stage of the investment lifecycle as we seek to transform:

New Businesses

We will invest in financial startups, financial technology companies, and other new entrants with established founders with creative deal structures that match the right type of capital to the opportunity.

Growing Businesses

We will invest in existing businesses with industry leading management teams and where our expertise, along with our capital, can help the company grow and succeed.

Established Businesses

We will invest in more mature companies to help them achieve their particular objectives with a collaborative partner.

Our investment mandate gives us the flexibility to develop creative solutions that we believe will help our partners realize their strategic objectives while targeting attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investors. Our typical investment is between $50 and $200 million and can take the form of:

Majority or minority equity | Structured debt or preferred instruments
Asset purchases | Asset-backed financing | Structured corporate financing | Real estate financing | Insurance and other forms of risk financing


Environmental, Social and Governance Principles

Gallatin Point Capital has built a culture of transparency and ethical behavior and demonstrates a continuous commitment to a framework of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles with regard to both its investments and operations.

We recognize ESG considerations have a direct impact on the value we can provide to our stakeholders. We believe ESG Factors can:

  Influence the long-term financial performance of our investments

  Influence the risk level of our investments

  Influence our ability as managers to create value for our investors

We believe that companies with environmentally sustainable and socially responsible business models and strong governance typically operate with lower risk and with better financial outcomes in the long term.  In addition, we guard our reputation and the reputation of our investors with high priority and consider reputational factors in our investment and non-investment activities.

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